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Czech native speakers wanted (0)

Dátum pridania: Sunday 16 January 2011| Prezreté: 4264krát | Location: Greater London
Zamestnávateľ: Priamy zamestnávateľ | Pracovný pomer: Príležitostná práca| Hodiny: Nepravidelné| Na hodinu: 30-50
Telefón: +44 (0)20 8907 8634| E-mail: kevin@2002studios.com |
www: http://www.2002studios.com

We are currently looking for fluent/native Czech speakers. I thought this may be a good place to start with either you, your colleges, friends or family.

We require clear speakers (they do not need to be pro Voice Over people) who would like some extra work (and unique experience) doing recordings around their regular work. We do recordings for AAA companies, mainly software and manuals etc.

Pay would vary between £30-£50 an hour depending on the final contract. It would be work that could be arranged around regular working hours, such as evenings and weekends.

To begin with people would have to come to the studio for an audition. If they pass then they will be put forward to our end clients.

The auditions should only last around half an hour and consist of us recording you reading 3 paragraphs in your mother tongue. You will have to bring some text with you to read. Anything such as a newspaper article or instructional manual will be fine. If you cant find anything we will find something online when you arrive.

All the Best


Tel: +44 (0)20 8907 8634
Email: kevin@2002studios.com
Web: www.2002studios.com

Facebook : 2002Studios
MySpace : www.myspace.com/2002studios
Twitter : http://twitter.com/2002Studios

123a Kenton Road

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