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BaPoDi at Edinburgh Festival ,,Fringe,, 6-30 August

Slovakia’s Banovce Underground Theatre (BaPoDi) presents The Gilded Red Cage, a dramatic monologue, a dramatic reading and an exhibit of documentary photos from socialist Czechoslovakia. The project was created by Silvester Lavrik, one of Slovakia's top contemporary playwrights and Guest Director at the Slovak National Theatre.

The Gilded Red Cage Part I: Blind Love – the intimate internal dialogue of a woman in love whose young life spans the socialist and post-socialist periods in Slovakia. In a 60-minute piece bursting with an huge array of emotions, we watch Hana come to terms with one fact - the main figures in her life both love her and destroy her.

The Gilded Red Cage Part II: The Canary who Ate the Cat– a 50-minute tour de force by the author himself, who plays a character typical of the last 40 years in the East – a chameleon-turncoat-survivor who can promise anything and deliver nothing... and still be beloved. Accompanied by “golden oldies” on the accordion and Lavrik’s smooth baritone.

The project examines the human aspects of life under socialism and how they changed after the revolution in 1989 with a charming mix of humour, irony and sadness specific to the Slovak environment.

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