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History of Slovak Centre

History of Slovak Centre London

Since May 2004 the Slovak Centre London has organised several events during its existence like:


SK Magazine has been published since February 2008, under the patronage of the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Slovak republic.

It is a quality publication, the first of its kind in Slovakia and the UK that aims to promote business, investment and culture links between Great Britain and Slovakia. The magazine is full of useful, informative and entertaining articles on topics ranging from tourism and property through to business, community and cultural guides.

The magazine is published by SKC Publishing UK Ltd. and is fully supported by the Slovak Centre and the Slovak Embassy in London, the Office for Slovaks living abroad, the British Embassy in Bratislava, the British Council, and a number of other major organisations.

SK Magazine can be also viewed in Slovak and English version at


Thames Festival  2005/06/07/08/09 -

Thames Festival is addressed to present different countries and cultures. There have been approximately 900.000 of visitors during two days and the pavilion of New European Market officially introduced the following countries of the EU –The Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, the Slovak Republic, Turkey, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia and European Commission.

Slovak Centre London presented the Slovak Republic in cooperation with Commercial Department of the Slovak Embassy, the Council for Slovaks Living Abroad, Matica Slovenska, Self-governing regions of Bratislava, Banská Bystrica, Bratislava City and Slovak National Tourist Board. The pavilion of New European Market was located by the Thames River, next to the National Film Theatre. The Slovak stand visited more than 10 000 people during the festival.


The 5th anniversary of the Slovak Centre London

On 19th of June 2009 the Slovak Centre celebrated the 5th  anniversary and the 1st anniversary of SK Magazine that took place at the Latvian House, 72 Queensborough Terrace, London, W2 3SH.


The Slovak-British Ball 21.02.2009

The Slovak Centre in London would like to apologise to our supporters and partners but our next Slovak-British Ball 2009 planned for 21st of February at Park Lane Hotel ***** has been cancelled.

We have decided not to continue with the Slovak-British Ball 2009, aimed to deepen business and cultural relationships between the United Kingdom and the Slovak Republic, due to global financial crisis as well as due to a ball of the same character organised by the Slovak Embassy in London separately.

We do believe that there is no point in organising two separate balls of the same charecter in London, where only one Slovak community lives, as it also happened in other major cities like Prague or New York.

Thank you very much for your understanding and hope to see you next year or even earlier.


The Slovak-British Ball 22.02.2008

Café Royal, 68 Regent’s Street, London, W1B 5EL

The Slovak-British Ball in London was organized by the Slovak Centre in London in conjunction with the Slovak Embassy in London under the patronage of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Slovak Republic Dusan Caplovic – supported by his personal attendance at the ball; the Ambassador of Great Britain in Slovakia Mr Michael Roberts; the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Great Britain Mr Juraj Zervan; the Head of The Office for Slovaks Living Abroad Mrs Vilma Privarova and Jan Figel – significant European politician, was an exclusive event that represents both the Slovak and British community and its partners and sponsors. Taking part in the Ball was a good opportunity to contribute to closer Slovak-British relations in political, social and cultural spheres.


The Slovak Ball 03.02.2007

The Slovak Ball was organised for the first time on the representative level and opened the space for the regular future event of the Slovak Centre London. This event was supported by the Slovak ambassador in London Mr. Radovan Javorcik, a member of the European Parliament in London Dr. Charles Tannock, a member of the European Parliament representing SR Mr. Peter Baco and other representatives from the Slovak communities from France, Italy, Australia and Ireland.


The 1st Representative Ball of Slovaks living abroad February 2007 - Bologna, Italy

Slovak Centre London organised and financially supported the slovak performers represented by the Slovak folk group Karpaty from London and the Slovak folk band Magic Double Bass from Dublin.


SlavFest 2008

The Slovak Centre London and the NadliN UK agency brought Slavic culture to London in the form of an outdoor festival of SlavFest. SlavFest aimed to present Slavic culture and traditional life style to the British public especially in the light of Her Majesty Queen’s visit to Slovakia in autumn 2008.


The Slovak Chritmas Evening, 18.12.2007

The Slovak Centre London organised the Slovak Christmas Evening at the Grosvenor Pub, London. The evening offered an opportunity to stop for a while and in a festive atmosphere to meet friends and say thank you for a successful year 2007. Something that is too easily forgotten in today’s hectic world.


The 1st Conference of Slovak Young Leaders, 27.10.2007

Slovak Centre in association with the University of Matej Bel in Banska Bystrica - the faculty of political science and international relations, organised The 1st Conference of Slovak Young Leaders at the Faculty of political science and international relations in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia.


Movie Nights 10/11/12 2007

The Slovak Centre London organised Movie Nights every 2nd Saturday of a month at Grosvenor Pub, near Pimlico, London.

World Travel Market 10-13 November 2008

The Slovak Centre in London with its SK Magazine promoted the British-Slovak cooperation at the World Travel Market

The global event for the travel industry

Staged annually in London under one roof, World Travel Market is a must attend business to business exhibition that provides a unique opportunity for the whole global travel trade industry to meet, network, negotiate and conduct business. By attending World Travel Market, participants efficiently, effectively and productively gain immediate competitive advantage for their business and stay abreast with the latest developments in the travel industry.


Boat Parties 2007/2008 – were organised every two to three months

This event was important for meeting and building up new relationships with different communities for example South African, Australian, New Zealand, Canadian, Hungarian, Czech, Slovenian etc. This helps to increase the Slovak awareness in the Great Britain.


The Slovak Centre - Ireland, February 2006

The Slovak Centre London helped to establish the Slovak Centre in Ireland – SKC-IRL. This act Slovak Centre London sees as a first step in accomplishing its plans in the matter of unifying Slovak community all around the world. We believe that there will be more Slovak Centres in the future and the absence of the Slovak organisations or institutions will decrease.


1st anniversary of the Slovak Centre London, July 2005

An informal celebration with representatives from the Slovak Embassy in London, SBBC, British Parliament.


Festival of Central and Eastern European Theatres, November 2005

The Slovak Centre London presented the Slovak theatre in cooperation with the Theatre Institute from Bratislava. 


Art exhibitions at the Slovak Embassy in London

  • Exhibition of Michal Bosak - June 2005
  • Exhibition of the Slovak painter from Banska Bystrica Ivan Bires - May 2006
  • Exhibition of Slovak laces in cooperation with the Slovak National Museum in Martin - January 2007


Traditional Slovak celebrations

  • Fasiangova zabava - February 2006
  • Katarinska zabava in the cooperation with the Slovak folk group Karpaty - November 2006


European program - Youth in Action

The Slovak Centre London joins several European projects which support understanding and cooperation as an important element of recognising new cultures and countries.

  • Youth Exchange in Presov, Slovakia - June 2006
  • Youth Exchange in Celje, Slovenia - April 2007
  • Youth Exchange in London, UK - September 2007


The World Association of Slovaks Living Abroad (SZSZ)

In November 2006 the Slovak Centre London became a member of the General Council of the SZSZ representing the West Europe. Our aim is to promote legal adjustments of the voting system for Slovaks living abroad in order to simplify and encourage young generation in taking part in the Slovak policy making process. Moreover, we would like to increase cooperation and communication between other Slovak institutions around the world, in a way that can also help the Slovak government to promote Slovakia abroad.

In August 2008, due to very undemocratic rule of the chairman of the SZSZ,   the Slovak Centre London decided to leave the General Council of the SZSZ.


Conference of Slovaks living abroad - Bratislava 2004/05/06/07/08

The conference is organised by the Council for Slovaks living abroad, when once a year leaders of Slovak community from around the world meet in Bratislava. The leaders of the Slovak community abroad talk about community issues with representatives of the Slovak government.


Forthcoming projects of the Slovak Centre London for the year 2009/2010

Office premises for the Slovak community centre

Having our own office would help us to deal with increasing activities, to make our work easier and also to enable a personal contact between the Slovak community and the British public. The Slovak Centre London sees it as a very important element in creation of high-standard relationship between the two countries.

European Community Centre

The Slovak Centre London would like to establish a website and later a physical building of representatives of all 27 countries of the European Union.


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