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Caves in Slovakia


Caves in Slovakia

In Slovakia there are about 4 thousand caves, 14 of which are open to the public. Usually these caves are with stalactites, numerous are the caves of ice, but there are also very special and rare caves, like the Ochtinska Aragonit Cave, that is one of the three accessible caves of this kind all over the world.

The underground spaces of these caves were created during millions of years thanks to the continuous intense activity of water, of rocks and of air. The calcareous formations that come down from the ceiling are called stalactites. If this formations raise from land are called stalagmites, while when such formations meet themselves are called stalagnat (united columns).


The management of the Slovak caves


Caves open to the public from May 15 to September 15:


Demanovska ladova

  • Nizke Tatry, cesta c.II/34, Podbreziny 497 031 01 Liptovsky Mikulas
    Tel.: +421/849/759170

Dobsinska ladova

  • Slovensky raj, cesta c.67, 049 71 Dobšina
    Tel.: +421/942/98159

Jaskyna mrtvych netopierov (Dead Bats Cave)

  • Group booking is made via dispatching guide service
    Tel.: +421/867/695250, 620670, 675428


Caves with the year-round operation:

Belianska cave

  • Belianske Tatry, cesta c.67, 059 54 Tatranska KotlinaTel.: +421/969/467375

Bystrianska cave

  • Nizke Tatry, cesta c. 529/72, 977 01 BreznoTel.: +421/867/695133

Demanovska cave- Jaskyna slobody

  • Nizke Tatry, cesta c. II/584, 032 51 Demanovska DolinaTel.: +421/849/91673

The Domica Cave

  • Slovensky kras, cesta c.50, 049 55 Dolna VesTel.: +421/942/928261

Jasovska cave

  •  Slovensky kras, cesta c.50, 044 23 JasovTel.: +421/943/94165

Vazecka cave

  • Nizke Tatry, cesta c.18, Vazec 61Tel.: +421/844/294171



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Photo: Archív VÚC Banská Bystrica

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