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Spas in Slovakia

Slovakia is a country that has rich supplies of mineral and thermal waters deep in the ground. As a consequence, Slovakia has many Spas built in every region of the country. Some of them are very young while others like Pieštany had been here for centuries. The main purposes of the Slovak Spas are to use mineral waters for healing treatments in combination with a good climate and relaxing countryside. Different spas concentrate on different treatment procedures. We will consider the most popular spas from each region of Slovakia.

Pieštany Spa

Pieštany Spa is situated in western Slovakia, in the valley of the Váh river. It is well known for its rich historical background and success as a Spa. The first bathhouse was built in 1822 by the Erdody family. Today the spa covers an area of 40 hectares.

Pieštany Spa provides treatments for movement apparatus ailments and neurological disorders. The physical and chemical qualities of the thermal waters and sulphur mud wraps are used for the treatment of rheumatic affections. The practice has a long history and treatment results also prove its value. The unique component of the healing procedure in Pieštany Spa is the application of Pieštany Mud. This is very tender sediment of the Váh river which accumulates where the thermal water rises. Owing to the long-term activity of specific thermophilic bacteria, the mud has healing qualities. Pieštany Spa also offers other treatment methods, such as electro-treatment, mechanotherapy, oxygenotherapy, acupuncture, classical, reflexology and underwater massages.

Smrdáky Spa

Smrdáky Spa is one of the oldest in Slovakia. The Spa was built in 16th century and is situated in South-Western Slovakia near Bielé Karpaty Mountains. The Spa is the best place to cure skin diseases such as moist scall as well as some ailments of the body’s movement apparatus. Children from age 3 can receive the treatment accompanied by their parents.
The mineral water in Smrdáky Spa is the most concentreated sulfide water in Europe. The treatment methods are sulphur baths, mud wraps, rehablitation treatments, massages, heat and electro- treatments.

Trenčianske Teplice Spa

Trenčianske Teplice Spa is old and the most demanded spa in Slovakia. The Spa is located in north-western Slovakia near Trenčín town, where the countryside is beatiful and romantic. Natural mineral water springs from the depth of 1200m. Its temperature moves between 38° – 41° C which is optimal for body temperature, and therefore it doesn’t need any special modification. The mineral water contains sulfate-hydrogencarboante, calcium-magnesium, sulphur, and it has been recommended for treatment of movement apparatus ailments, neurological disorders, accidents and surgery treatment and psoriasis. The treatment methods are specal additives baths,theraml bath and pool treatment, electrotherapy, massages,hydro-kineso therapy, oxygen therapy, laser, gas injections, suplhur mud and peat.

The Vysoké Tatry

The Vysoké Tatry ( High Tatras) mountains in northern Slovakia are the best location for spas. There are several good spas, but we will mention just two of them.

Nový Smokovec Spa

Nový Smokovec Spa has an ideal location in the Centre of the High Tatras National Park at altitude of 1018 metres above the sea level.. The Spa is a part of typical tatarian settlement and a favourite tourist destination. The Spa also has its history. It was built in 1876 after Dr. Mikulas Szontagh studied the healing properties of  the climate in Tatras. People suffering from respiratory tract disorders or metabolism glands with internal secretion disorders will receive treatment in Nový Smokovec as well as in Štrbské Pleso Spa. Treatment methods available are climate-therapy, helio-therapy, massages, healing baths, flushing of nasal cavities, sauna, steam bath, psycho-relaxing therapy, and vacuum therapy.

Bardejov Spa

Bardejov Spa is situated in the north-eastern part of Slovakia. Its history starts in the Middle Ages when the healing properties of springs were discovered. The Spa was popular with kings and queens who visited it. The spa has been through generous reconstruction and it has turned into a modern, luxurious and relaxing place to spend holiday.

Bardejov Spa concentrates on treatments of cardio-vascular system disorders, digestive tract disorders, kidney and urinary tract disorders, recovery after oncological treatment, and ailments related to disorders in metabolism and internal secretion glands. The methods of treatment are: drinking cures, electro-treatment, inhalation and irrigation of mouth cavity, heat cures, massages, water treatments, peat wraps, gas injections, intestinal flushing, and light treatment.


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