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Bratislava is a great city worth visiting. The Capital, it has a lot to offer its visitors including cultural attractions, exclusive shops, delicate restaurants with traditional Slovak Cuisine, bars, and disco clubs. Bratislava is a vital city, which also offers reasonable prices, and is attractive to many young people who want to have an outstanding fun time. In recent years the Slovak Capital has promoted its tourist development. Frequent low-cost flights allow you to visit Bratislava anytime during year.


Historical construction that dominates the city and that it has been place of many historical events. The first residents of the castle were the Celts, later the Roman and then the Slavs. The first written evidence dates back to the year 907 in the annals of Salzburg, in reference to the battle to Brezalauspurch, that it marked the end of the Great Moravian Empire. Of this period have been saved the basilica with a nave and two side aisles. In the 10th century, in the period of the reig the Hungarian king Stephen I, at the castle came coined the coins with written BRESLAWA CIVITAS. In 15th the century the castle assumed its shape puts into effect them and during its reconstruction it was widened and reinforced in sight of the attacks of the Hussites ones.



Main features of Bratislava:

The Bratislava Castle is the greatest unthinkable symbol of the Slovak Capital panorama known as well as "an upside down table" for its shape. The first mention about the Castle is from the 10th century. Its towers are 885 meters above the river Danube. During the centuries the castle has been modified, reconstructed. In the 1811 a terrible fire caused from the recklessness of the Napoleonic soldiers burst. The fire destroyed the castle completely and for 150 years dominated only its ruins. In 1968 the castle has been newly introduced in its original beauty. After the restoration, the Castle became home for Slovak National Museum, and the State Room of the Slovak National Council.

The best known Bratislava's churches St. Martin's Cathedral is famous for the royal coronations of 11 Ugrian kings and 8 queens that took place there between 1563 and 1830. This spectacular Gothic construction was built in 14th century.

Another great monument that cannot be missed is Bratislava's Nový Most bridge built between 1967 and 1972 when it began to operate. It is attractive to many visitors for its curiosity on the top of the tower where restaurant called UFO is situated 80 meters above the bridge level.Bratislava has another 4 bridges.

Typical of Bratislava are its spacious but cosy squares with lots of little cafes and wine bars. In old town you will find well known Hviezdoslavovo Namestie named after Slovakia's most famous poet where the Slovak National Theatre, Hotel Carlton and US Embassy are situated. This square is one of the most beautiful with a fountain and lots of trees.



The Hlavné Námestie (Main Square) situated in the centre of old town is characterized by many buildings of different style. The square also has a fountain called the Maximilian or Rolland's Fountain. The Old Town Hall is a part of this square, historic building built in Gothic, Renaissance style houses the City Museum.

Near Hlavné Námestie there is another square called Primaciálne Námestie where Primaciálny Palác is situated. It is one of the most beautiful palaces in Bratislava. The palace was built 1774 for archbishop Batthyanyi. In its famous Mirror Room, Bratislava's peace was announced in 1805.

The Grassalkovičov Palác (Grasalkovich Palace) on Hodžovo Námestie is another great piece of history built in Rococo style which became a residence of President after 1939. Therefore, another name for the palace is Prezidentský Palac (Presidential Palace). It also has a spacious garden.

Shopping in Bratislava

Very recently several shopping centres were built across Bratislava with a variety of shops, cinemas and cafes. The nearest one to the old town is Aupark, Polus City Centre is bit further out. Avion shopping centre is located near airport. Shopping Palace you will find near recreational area Zlaté Piesky (Golden Sand).

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What to see in Bratislava

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