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Xyngular entering Slovakia ($34,95 per month)

Date posted: Friday 05 March 2010| Ad viewed: 5973 times
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Xyngular is a global opportunity based in Salt Lake City, Utah, that just launched on December 1st, 2009. The company is unique in the fact that it is a start up with out the hassles of one. Xyngular is ridding the backbone of a 15 year old, international, multi-million dollar, successful and profitable company. It has the excitement of a start up with the stability of an industry giant!

Xyngular currently markets a nutritional supplement with several more products on the horizon. The product's carrier is a juice but it is far from "just a juice." Xyngular has a tri-phasic approach. First, it combines extracts from 20 of the most super-powered, anti-oxidant rich fruits in the world.

Xyngular has a very lucrative and generous compensation plan which pays people Daily! The straight line matrix allows the entire company to be one team and the last person to join falls under the bottom person in the line. All volume is overridden by the distributors above.

Distributors get paid 5 ways. The first is through retail sales. Secondly, distributors enjoy an 8 level uni-level with no structure or rankings holding back commissions. Dynamic compression allows for distributors that fall below the 8th level to be compressed up if the situation arises. The thrid way is through rapid rewards which pays current distributors additional income on any order in a new distributor's frist calendar month. The fourth way is through lucrative bonus pools. Xyngular takes 12% of World-wide Company Sales and puts it into 12 separate bonus pools of 1% each which are acheivable from day one. The bonus pools are paid on a direct correlation of the distributor's personal group volume and the company volume below them. The fifth way is a fast start bonus when 4 distributors are enrolled on minimum of a case within a new distributor's first 30 days. Additional rewards, trips and incentives are given to those who succeed in Xyngular.

Xyngular is an industry game-changer. It markets a wonderful product and has a unique compensation plan concept. This truly global opportunity will provide health, wellness and financial success for millions of people around the world!

For more information please contact me. Now we are entering Europe and starts now in Slovakia. If your are interested in, feel free to contact us. You are always welcome.

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